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        yes, could you please help in this
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          Rohan Dekate
          Hi 895077 ,
          Check there would be one publishing database . In that database search for das_account table. it would be there.. delete all the rows in that table .
          Now check your application server . there would be one atgPublishing server instance . run this instance. and check...
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            Nitin Khare
            On server startup, ATG automatically creates a set of standard user accounts, groups, and privileges if they do not already exist by default. Only exception to this is when liveconfig is enabled. In a typical setup all this default account and access information goes to das_account table. Check if you can see the /atg/dynamo/security/AdminAccountManager component running the account initializer which would populate the das_account table. If it is not running then you may check whether you have liveconfig enabled.

            For more details refer this http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24152_01/Platform.10-1/ATGPlatformProgGuide/html/s1404configuringthedefaultloginaccoun01.html
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              How are you trying to deploy your ear? Is it using build scripts? Are you using ATG10.1.1? If your answers are yes, try the below suggestion:

              Just find the below line in your build.xml:

              <target name="execute-assembler-cmd" description="Executes ATG's runAssembler by command line call">

              and add one line below this:

              <property name="assemble.cmd.layers" value="md5" />

              Instead of value="md5" there might be value="preview" or value="layer".

              It will work.

              Rahul Vasa
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