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    Archive log space of OVM machine get full.

      Hi Experts,

      I am facing list of issues with OVM please look after the issues and help me out to solve this issues
      1) If archive log space of OVM machine get full and after deletion of archive logs, we have to restart the OVM services. If we don't restart the services we can't login into OVM.So i need that OVM must not be restarted .Also We have wrote a script to delete archive logs once in a day.

      2) OVM/OVS goes down every week.This is repetitive issue occurring since last few months, but this has not occurred last week. I did not understand the reason behind this so plz let me know if there is any reason.
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          1. Turn off archive mode on your database. If you don't have enough space that you can't even hold one days worth of archive logs.... then you're in a world of hurt. You can even use NFS or etc for archive pathing.
          2. How can anyone answer this question. You say it goes down and you don't know why.... BUT you don't give any logs... .any explanation as to how you have everything setup.... Are you serious?