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FAN - Fast Aplication Notification, ERROR in FAN Feature

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I am implementing the FAN (Fast Application Notification) feature available in Oracle RAC and am following the Oracle documentation ( but the Java client does not work (not receiving notifications).

Does anyone have an example (the program) ready and can share?

Thank you in advance for help,

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    Hi Friend,

    We have to complete the following configurations before FAN setup.

    1. Setup your classpath, you will need ons.jar which can be obtained from your database server or an oracle client installation.

    2. You will also need the JDBC/THIN driver which is the ojdbc14.jar file.

    3. Set your properties in the file to reflect your current environment

    Example :

    url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@(DESCRIPTION= (LOAD_BALANCE=yes)

    Note : The most important setup here is the onsconfig property settings that specify the ONS ports on the server side.

    4. Verify Failover After Shutting Down One Node

    once a node has been shutdown the cache is notified through ONS and automatically cleans the dead/stale connections and issues connections only to the remaining alive nodes.

    Hope it helps............



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