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    custom form

      I am customizing a standard form to allow user to copy values. It works fine when I open the form, query a record and hit copy. But if I copy something to the clipboard from the records before I hit copy button, the form behaves differently and throw errors. Can I do something before the copy procedure work to eliminate this error?

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          What are the errors you are getting? It is always good to list the "Full" error or errors.

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            I am customizing the seeded move order form (inventory) to add copy functionality. A copy button is added and it will copy the current master/detail records to a new move order so that the user can make updates to it and save. It works fine most of the time. But if I copy a value from one of the detail record fields by pressing Ctrl-C (or even right click and copy) and then press copy button, it gives error on a flex field. So I was wondering if copying something to the clipboard has any effect on forms behaviour.

            The error is *'This is a read only flex field. You cannot change any values in the flex field.*'

            I think the error pops up after populating the inventory item/id field. But I wonder why this error happens only if I am copying something to the clipboard. Otherwise no errors and it populates all the fields properly.