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    BAM report requirement

      Hi All,

      I have an external data source in this format:

      IGroup IId Status
      A x Success
      A x Success
      A x Error
      A x Error
      A x Success
      A z Success
      A z Error
      B y Success
      B y Error
      B y Error.

      I want to generate a tabular report in the following format

      IGroup IId Count(Sucecss) Count(Error)
      A x 3 2
      A z 1 1
      B y 1 2

      Can anyone please tell me if this is achievable? If yes, then how and what would be the best view to implement this.. I have tried a lot of views for this. Some views do not allow me to use aggregate functions, some views do not allow me to use distinct.

      Also, I would like to ask, if we can add a calculated field in an external data source. When I am trying to do so, It does not give me any option to add a fielld.

      Any help is appreciated.