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    Page redirection issue on Weblogic Cluster


      I am using JDevloper.

      I have deployed my application on weblogic cluster is having two instances of server.

      Currently i am facing one issue regarding page redirction i.e. I have page called DetailsScreen.jspx.On this page i am having a button called "Back".On clicking of this button the application is redirected to another page called "SearchPO.jspx".

      What is hppening right now is if i am inactive on the aplication more that a minute and if i click on Back button the application is remaining on the Same page i.e. DetailScreen.jspx it is not getting redirected to SearchPO.jspx.

      If i am continuously accessing the application then the page redirection is happening perfectly.

      Is there any setting i need to do on a cluster for proper redirection for session replication. Please help me on this.

      Namrata Kenny