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    How to automate the process of Uploading RPD ?

      Hi All,

      I am on and Windows server 2008. What I am wanting to do is to automate the process of uploading the repository on my development server and restarting the server automatically. And I want this to happen 3 times a day at specified intervals. For ex, I want that automatically, at 6:00 AM, 3:00 PM and 6:00 PM everyday my MUD repository should be uploaded to my development BI server without any manual intervention whatsover.

      I know this can be done using the wlst sctipts. I have couple of questions around that will appreciate if anybody can answer both of them.

      1. I don't know and understand the language which wlst scripts use. And even if somebody gives a ready script I should be able to understand that. So the question is from where can I learn that language. Like for BIP, we can learn xslt from w3 schools. How can i do for wlst tool/ scripts?

      2. Lets say I learned the language and created a script abc.py which uploads the repository. But How will that be automatically called or run on my Development Server? By a windows batch script? If yes, then who will run that windows batch script ? Do I need to manually run that? Or running of Windows Batch script can also be automated and can be run at specified intervals as I want?

      I'll appreciate if somebody can explain me this in detail.