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    How tho share my DB with my teammates?

      Merry x-mas my friends!

      I'm trying to connect another stations on my Oracle 10g Database.
      How should I setup the machines?

      All of them are run Win7 the application that will use is Primavera P6 R8.2

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          Niket Kumar
          you need to install oracle client on another machine(from which you want to connect) and then you are able to connect to oracle database via sql developer or other tools.

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            Merry x-mas.

            Your teammates should have a Oracle Client and configure the TNSNAMES according with your LISTENER(Where is located Oracle XE) .

            I don't know about "Primavera P6 R8.2".

            You should close your unresolved question on the forum, some don't like to answer when you have many unresolved issues.

            Good luck,

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              Is the P6 software installed on the central server?

              If so, then you can install standalone versions in each of the individual user system and connect it to the database created on the server. You can give security preferences to individual users upon different options for creating, updating and monitoring of projects.

              Prasanna B