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    how to find how much space is required for backup.


      I have 7 gb of space available but on backup it is saying space not avialable,
      Please tel me following
      1) how to find how much backup space is required.
      2) and i think it does not currup the old backup set when backup fails?so i can feel good that my old backup is ok?
      3) which folder i should copy, to keep backup of backup on other machine.(C:\ORACLEXE\APP\ORACLE\FAST_RECOVERY_AREA\XE)
      4) and also tel me where orignal files of database is present i will backup that also like in MSSQL.
      5)please also tel me how to change the backup location to other drive.
      yours sincerely

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          Niket Kumar
          1)this you can check from your old backup size.add a little to it and that is your backup space requirement.
          2)if space is not there then failed backup is corrupt.other old backups remain intect.
          3)you need to shutdown database for copying folder or put data files in backup mode(id archivelogs are enable on database).
          4)you can check original database files dba_data_files,v$controlfile views and as point 3 is valid on them if you using copy paste rather then RMAN.
          5)when taking backup from rman use
          RMAN> RUN {
            FORMAT '/u01/backups/%U';
            RELEASE CHANNEL;
          In format clause you can give disk location.
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