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    SYSDATE in oracle database RAC is different from OS date

      Hi all,
      I have a problem about datetime in database Oracle and OS is difference:
      Database Oracle RAC version 2 nodes rac: node1 and node2
      Os: Redhat 6.3
      My servers are using NTP.

      when I reboot server, database was started automatically. I check time (by select sysdate) is 07:00 AM.
      But in OS I check (by SQL> !date) time is 21:00 PM

      Then I shutdown database and startup again. now the date in database (sysdate) and the date in OS are the same.

      I don't know the reason of problem.
      The date is difference only case reboot server. So the problem belong to database or OS or network?

      thanks so much!

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