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    Using Database Diff in SQL Developer

      Hi all,
      We are running Oracle 10g. I just installed SQL Developer version and want to compare two databases, at least two similar schemas in two different databases. To do this, I clicked on 'Tools' and then 'Database Diff'. I then selected and connected to source and destination databases. I then clicked on 'Next>' button. In the 'Types to Diff' window, I ensured that all object types are selected, then clicked on 'Next>' again. Then, I clicked on the 'More...' button and then picked the schema. I then clicked on the 'lookup' button. Then clicked on the '>>' button to move these objects to the right panel. Then clicked on the 'Next>' button, finally clicked on the 'Finished' button. When the database diff finishes, I don't see any generated list showing objects that are in one database, but not the other or both. I only see a list of objects in the source database and nothing else. Is there anything that I should be doing to capture the comparison result?

      Thank you,