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    How to Backup Database on Solaris and Restore to Windows

      I have a database we're migrating to a new server. unfortunately, the server is Oracle 10.2 on a Windows Server and it originally was on a Oracle 10.2 Solaris OS. The size and production nature of the database does not allow us to take it offline for extended periods of time. The best option we see is to restore a full backup and use partial backups to keep it up todate inorder to facilitate a proper migration.

      We're having problems restoring the database, I beleive that it was not properly prepared for the transition to the Windows OS platform. I'm at a loss of what to do at this point (lack of experience with this specifically).

      Any suggestions?

      Thank you.
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          This gives a good overview ( but moves from Windows )

          Database Migration From Windows to Linux Using RMAN


          This is another good one for starting your plan

          HOWTO: Oracle Cross-Platform Migration with Minimal Downtime


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            Victor Armbrust
            Since the platforms are different, You should use TDB ou TTS. Pay attention that Windows and Solaris (OE) have different endian format, so you'll need to use RMAN CONVERT.
            For Solaris (x86) you'll not need RMAN CONVERT.

            More information

            Platform Migration Using Transportable Database Oracle Database 11g and 10g Release 2

            Platform Migration using Transportable Tablespaces: Oracle Database 10g Release 2

            How to Move Tablespaces Across Platforms Using Transportable Tablespaces With RMAN [ID 371556.1]     
            PLATFORM_ID PLATFORM_NAME                    ENDIAN_FORMAT
            ----------- -------------------------------- --------------
                      1 Solaris[tm] OE (32-bit)          Big
                      2 Solaris[tm] OE (64-bit)          Big
                      7 Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit)    Little
                     10 Linux IA (32-bit)                Little
                      6 AIX-Based Systems (64-bit)       Big
                      3 HP-UX (64-bit)                   Big
                      5 HP Tru64 UNIX                    Little
                      4 HP-UX IA (64-bit)                Big
                     11 Linux IA (64-bit)                Little
                     15 HP Open VMS                      Little
                      8 Microsoft Windows IA (64-bit)    Little
                      9 IBM zSeries Based Linux          Big
                     13 Linux 64-bit for AMD             Little
                     16 Apple Mac OS                     Big
                     12 Microsoft Windows 64-bit for AMD Little
                     17 Solaris Operating System (x86)   Little
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              If endian of databases are the same (i.e. you use Solaris x86 platform), then you can upgrade source database to 11g and create standby database on Windows as 11g supports cross-platform standby. Then just move to stanby database.
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                This was great information. It gives me plenty of documentation to move forward. I had a few questions about TSPITR across platforms, but i think i'll RTFM first. This gives me hope that I can overcome this obstacle.

                Thank you for your help!