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    unplumb net0 in public network, the HA NFS service didn't failover

      I have two node consisting the cluster 4.1. I set up the NFS service on the cluster, as below.

      root@sgh28h13:~# scstat -g

      -- Resource Groups and Resources --
      Group Name Resources
      ---------- ---------
      Resources: resource-group-1 sgh28cluster global_Sym_R5_1G_d110-rs nfs-global-Sym_R5_1G-d110-admin-rs
      -- Resource Groups --

      Group Name Node Name State Suspended
      ---------- --------- ----- ---------
      Group: resource-group-1 sgh28h13 Online No
      Group: resource-group-1 sgh28h17 Offline No
      -- Resources --
      Resource Name Node Name State Status Message
      ------------- --------- ----- --------------
      Resource: sgh28cluster sgh28h13 Online Online - LogicalHostname online.
      Resource: sgh28cluster sgh28h17 Offline Offline

      Resource: global_Sym_R5_1G_d110-rs sgh28h13 Online Online
      Resource: global_Sym_R5_1G_d110-rs sgh28h17 Offline Offline

      Resource: nfs-global-Sym_R5_1G-d110-admin-rs sgh28h13 Online Online - Service is online.
      Resource: nfs-global-Sym_R5_1G-d110-admin-rs sgh28h17 Offline Offline

      The NFS service is on sgh28h13 originally. sgh28h13 has one interface net0 in public network for this service. So I use "ifconfig unplumb net0" to shutdown net0 so the NFS service could failover to the other node. But the service is still online on sgh28h13 after I shutdown the net0 and sc_ipmp0. I don't know why the NFS service didn't failover. Could somebody help?

      root@sgh28h13:~# ipadm
      clprivnet0 ip ok -- --
      lo0 loopback ok -- --
      lo0/v4 static ok --
      lo0/v6 static ok -- ::1/128
      net0 ip ok sc_ipmp0 --
      net1 ip ok -- --
      net2 ip ok -- --
      sc_ipmp0 ipmp ok -- --
      sc_ipmp0/static1 static ok --

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