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    HFM Form Query


      We have a data form in which we have blocked few combinations for user input.
      We have checked the form & it was working fine even through smatview as well.
      But some of the user has inputted the data by taking those combination into excel.
      So does that mean user can input the data for any account combination which holds valid for input?
      If it is correct then what should be the correct approach to take input from user so
      that user can't input the data for the combinations which are blocked for input in forms.

      Also in current HFM Application we have around 5thousand accounts.
      I can't write all those accounts for no input in rule.

      Please share your suggestions.

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          If you want users to only be able to input via forms, then you should restrict their security from loading via Excel or from grids. Use the role security in HFM to help with this.

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            Thanks Chris for replying.

            We don't want to restrict user from inputting data via data forms. They used to download the forms in Smart view and then upload data. Please suggest how we can restrict user not to insert data rest of the combination which are not there in forms.
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              In the HSS user roles, there is an option which allows users to input data using data grids.
              Pl remove this role

              This role allows users to input data using data grids (web on on Smartview)
              Since the users were enabled to input through grids, they were able to form their own grids in Smartview and input the data.

              Remove this and this check will be in place.
              The catch to this is that all data input will be then routed only through data forms (all scenarios)