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    Installing Grid Control 11gR1 - certified component combinations

      I'm reading through the various requirements and certifications and am a bit confused. I am working to install EM Grid Control (can't use 12c as I need to monitor a PeopleTools version not yet certified with 12c). I also should say that I am looking to run all of this on Windows-based machines.

      As I read through the various certifications for Grid Control 11, I find that EM itself needs to be on a Windows 32 bit machine but it seems that its corresponding infrastructure apps (Weblogic and Oracle DB Repository) require x64.

      So it would seem I could run the backend pieces (web and db) on a Windows 2008 x64 box and just put Grid Control on a Windows 2008 32 bit box? Is that correct?

      My goal is to monitor FMS v9.0 on PeopleTools 8.52 and HCM v9.1 on PeopleTools 8.50. Backend databases for both apps are MSSQL and all layers are running on Windows 2008 x64 boxes.