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    Run report in form 11g with RP2RRO.RP2RRO_RUN_PRODUCT

      I have installed Forms 11g R2 on Windows Server2008 64bit

      using tools are :-
      Weblogic Server 10.3.6
      SE JDK 6U35 64bit
      Windows Server 2008 (Firewall off)
      Oracle Portal,Forms,Report, and Discoverer Services (

      I try to run report within form 11g, i also attached library RP2RRO.plx in form

      But there is problem Report is not working, i try to make the server on windows run command
      rwserver server=myserver

      it show the message :-

      When i try to url :-

      it show the following Error
      REP-52005: The specified key getserverinfo does not exist in the key map file.

      Please guide and give the soultion of above problem.