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    CIFS/SMB Client on Solaris 11

      I am fairly new to Solaris and I am attempting to mount a cifs share. I have already installed the system/file-system/samba or whatever it was but I still cannot mount with smbfs. I am told that the filesystem type is not available because it is not installed.

      Any thoughts?


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          I was able to figure this out, however now I need to disable UNIX extensions on the client. Not terribly familiar with Samba on Solaris, any helpful hints?

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            in the past before oracle, when there was a large community, there were many docs on it, look at:

            i retrieved this (2008!):

            and here are some notes i used on my home machine:

            ultra20-root% svcadm enable -r smb/server
            svcadm: svc:/milestone/network depends on svc:/network/physical, which has multiple instances.
            ultra20-root% smbadm join -w WORKGROUP
            Successfully joined workgroup 'WORKGROUP'
            ultra20-root% zfs set sharesmb=on data/export/home
            ultra20-root% sharemgr show -vp
            default smb=() nfs=()
            zfs/data/export/home nfs=() smb=()
            data_export_home_jdsuser=/export/home/jdsuser smb=()

            hope this help,