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    Oracle Developer JDAPI problem

      Hi all,
      I compiled a class in Oracle Jdeveloper ( which using c:/Oracle/Middleware/as_1/jlib/frmjdapi.jar as a library.

      I run the jdapi with a bat file like this:
      set oracle_home=C:\Oracle\Middleware\as_1
      set classpath=%oracle_home%\jlib\frmjdapi.jar;.
      for %%f in (myForm.fmb) do %oracle_home%\jdk\bin\java myJdapiClass %%f username/password@databasename myObjectLibrary.olb

      when I use these steps for myForm.fmb (created in oracle forms ( ) the forms items type changes.
      For example
      text items turns to radio groups
      push buttons turns to list item etc..,

      how can I allow items type changes?

      Any Suggestion?