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    How to change default selectors in "portal-skin.css"

      Hi dears,

      Now I'm developing a portal application with using JDev version. In my app, there are lots of components like goImageLinks, goLinks etc. When i want to add some special attributes to these components, i overrided some selectors in "portal-skin.css" file just like "af|goImageLink:hover" "af|goImageLink:active" or "af|goLink"..

      But there is a problem here : If a new goImageLink is added to the template or page, it's automatically affected from the selectors of "portal-skin.css" file. I mean the selectors is called default.

      How can i find a solution for this problem? I just want to call my selectors whereever i want, not everywhere?

      (P.S. : I created new skin files to call in specific points, but it didn't work.)