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    Dashboard Name as Link in OBIEE 10g

      Can v create the dashboard name as link in which when clicked will divert us to another portal??

      Actually we have an external portal ,we would like to pass the OBIEE UID & PASSWORD with the URL so that the external portal gets authenticated with OBIEE login credentials.

      for examples;

      what r the options to archive this??
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          Check this link see section

          Let me know if this is not helpful?

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          any updates?

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            We had the same issue - we tried to integrate our obiee page or dashboard On Internet.
            And, we were unable to encrypt the user id and password.

            So - we created a user id and password which seems to be like encrypted.


            Now we copied this link to our companys home page and gave a different hyperlink. So, when some one clicks on the name of Reports - it opens BI Dashboard skipping Login page.

            thank you.
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              If you want to bypass log on screen when you first time access obiee page through launch url i.e. http://localhost/analytics then here is solution.
              Locate analytics virtual folder (C:\OracleBI\web\app\) in this folder replace default.asp page with following.
              <’%@ LANGUAGE="JScript" %’>
              Replace default.jsp contents with following
              <’% response.sendRedirect("saw.dll?Dashboard?NQUser=Anonymous_user&NQPassword=Anonymous_user");%’>