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    Shoudn't 'put with expiry' throw with read-write backing map?

      Good morning all,

      If I run this client code:
      cache.put(1,  1, CacheMap.EXPIRY_NEVER);
      I'd expect this entry to never expire. Yet with a read-write backing map it does - immediately, which lead me to digging a bit more...

      According to the [java docs|http://download.oracle.com/otn_hosted_doc/coherence/330/com/tangosol/net/NamedCache.html#put%28java.lang.Object,%20java.lang.Object,%20long%29] support for this call is patchy:

      Note: Though NamedCache interface extends CacheMap, not all implementations currently support this functionality.

      For example, if a cache is configured to be a replicated, optimistic or distributed cache then its backing map must be configured as a local cache. If a cache is configured to be a near cache then the front map must to be configured as a local cache and the back map must support this feature as well, typically by being a distributed cache backed by a local cache (as above.)

      OK, so the docs even say this won't work. But shouldn't it throw an unsupported op exception? Is this a bug or my mistake?

      rw-scheme config:
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