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    Oracle Forms - transfer query from forms to report

      I have master detail form. I want to filter data and run report only with filtered data.

      I have already trying to get where clause from last_query. But I can't replace query in report with new query.

      Do you have any experience with that or could you suggest me any solution?
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          It's not a good idea to transfer block query to report cause you have to keep same number of columns both in form and report. When you add something to the form you must change your report and vice versa. You can do it in following way:
          - get last block query using Get_BLock_Property(:system.cursor_block,LAST_QUERY);
          - create blank report, create user parameter e.g. p_mySQL and put last block query as initial value
          - go to Data model, and create query using substitution variable &p_mySQL
          - back to form, and run report with appropriate variable and value