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    LOV filter before display not working

      I want to modify an Oracle Form and set the property Filter before display of LOV to true.
      This LOV is displaying records from a table that now has grown too large and is performing poorly.
      By setting this property, I want a filter to be displayed before the LOV loads.
      I set the property Filter before display to true, but the filter is not coming up and the option is now working.
      The lov is loaded dynamically as the following:

           l_rg_id := create_group_from_query('RG_LOV', l_query );
           l_errcode := Populate_Group_With_Query( l_rg_id, l_query );

           IF NOT     SHOW_LOV('LOV2')
                                         RAISE form_trigger_failure;
      END IF;

      What is missing ?

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