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    Split section and multiline text field on a form

      Hi everybody,

      I'm new on Documaker and I'm having problems working with paragraph lists in Documaker Studio 12.1.

      The scenario is the following:
      A form with 3 sections, one after the other in the body, each one with a different paragraph list with about 25 paragraphs of 2-5 lines each one.

      *My problem is generating the document, when the paragraph list and the section grows and reach the footer it moves the whole section to the next page.*
      *What I want is split the section and the paragraph to be completed on the next page.*

      My design is the following:
      Each section have a single multiline text field with a paragraph list, the PARAGRAPHASSEMBLY rule, and the options "Can grow and shrink" and "Can span pages" set to true. Also, the section have the "Can size" option activated.
      In the form, all the sections have the CANSPLITIMAGE rule and the "Can grow and shrink" option set to true.

      Maybe I'm missing something or my approach is not correct.

      Thanks in advice,
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          Mr Peabody-Oracle
          You may not be mistaken at all. A text area (or multiline text field in this case) will only format itself and therefore can only split itself. Any other object outside of the text area will be "pushed" along until it reaches the bottom of the page (assuming the section can grow). At that point, pushing the object further will take the entire object to the next page.

          The same applies to sections. If each item you describe is in a different section, then a growing section will "push" the other sections (depending upon their origin requirements) until they encounter the bottom or footer and then the entire section will go to the next page.

          So, if you fill stuff in from top-to-bottom, always moving forward, then you typically end up with what you expect. If, however, you fill in the bottom objects first and then move back "up" the page and fill in something earlier, you can end up with that large object moved off the page.
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            Thanks for the reply.

            In my scenario each paragraph list inside a section are pushing the entire section to the next page when it grows.
            In the step-by-step scenario test running on DM Studio I see how each paragraph list is filled from top to bottom, so, in theory, the entire list should be moved to the next page when it reach the footer? this will push too its parent section?

            I can't figure out how to make a large paragraph list with the expected behavior without creating a section for each paragraph. Any advice?
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              Vamshi Mundla

              Just want to make sure whether you have selected "CANSPAN" option for the multi line field in the field level attributes as well.

              Many Thanks,
              Vamshi Mundla
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                Mr Peabody-Oracle
                I really don't know what you mean when you say "...how to make a large paragraph list...".

                If you have a single MLT field that offers paragraph selection and the user can select multiple paragraphs, then all you have to do is make sure the section is set to Can Grow and the MLT field is set to Can Grow and Span. Then if the user selects a bunch of paragraphs, the text will split when it encounters the bottom of the page.

                If you are saying that you have multiple MLT fields in sequence, then as I stated earlier, the results depends upon the order of entry. If you pick a paragraph in the top-most one first, this will push the other fields down in the section and may move off the page first. Depending upon the gap you provided between the original fields, you may end up with some white space, but it should not be a lot.

                On the other hand, if the user fills in the bottom-most one first and then backs up the page, they could end up pushing off the bottom MLT and that will leave a larger gap at the bottom - unless and until they fill the page with paragraph content in that field too.

                As I tried to describe, a text area (or in this case a MLT with a paragraph selection) will only format and split itself. Any other object - field, text, even Section - outside of that boundary will be pushed in its entirety.
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                  The CANSPAN option was causing the problem.
                  I don't know why, but after setting to true this option the form preview in the Test Scenario is still looking wrong, but looks fine in the generated PDF file.

                  Thanks a lot.
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                    Mr Peabody-Oracle
                    Glad you found a solution. As for the view in Test manager, as you step through the debugger you are only seeing what has been done up to that given point. So not all formats and origins for subsequent sections will have been applied. Only after all sections are mapped and the post transaction rules are executed would the final view reflect the true result.