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    Privilege problem on DBMS_SCHEDULER  execute linux shell script

      Hello, everybody,
      I'm a beginner on oracle development , recently , I use DBMS_SCHEDULER to execute linux shell script so that I can transmit files to another ftp server . The problem is , I can't use ordinary user to execute this shell ,but must use sys user , or the procedure will show error : Permission Denied;
      I can't change the files' privillege that need to transmit.
      I had tried these method,but no use:

      1. grant all privillege to user;
      2. change the privillege of shell and it's direcotry;
      3. use full path in shell;

      I hope someone could help me solve this problem , thank you!

      the error code :
      STANDARD_ERROR="ftp: local: test20121221173852: Permission denied
      ftp: local: test20121221173953: Permission denied
      ftp: local: test20121221174052: Permission denied
      ftp: local: test20121221174153: Permission denied"