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        Hi ,

        Could you please tell me how many oracle 11.5.10 rapid install DVDs are available? Is it 5,7,10 or how many.


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          I understand, you installed Apps 11.5.9 on win 200 advanced server, Though, I am trying to install 11.5.10, Must I use the activeperl to do the stage, please ?

          During my previous installation, I got an error, java.exe not found. Any idea of the problem ?

          Email me direct jms_itsolutions@yahoo.co.uk

          Thank you for help.

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            I have installed 11.5.10 on XP prof. successfully.Before you start the installation you will need all the following 3rd party s/w i)MKS toolkit ii)VC ++ 6.0 iii)Java iv) Perl and v)gnumake to be installed.Please use the latest version of the rapidwizard version for successfull installation. Also make sure you have the Hardrive in NTFS before you start the insatllation. If you have any question go through the installation steps posted in the same forum.BY the way plz. provide complete error message next time for better understanding


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              Very new to the whole Oracle installation business and would be very grateful for any pointers you could throw my way

              I have recently tried to install 11.5.10 and ran into all sort of problems.

              I received two errors at the check level. The Configuration information for Node was was not happy- the MKS directory, MSdev directory and the domain name at eh global settings level. Now I know I need MKS toolkit

              I found your posting on the discussion forum very helpful and would most appreciate it if you could point me in and clarify certain points for me. I am coming from the functional end so some of the steps are a bit new to me

              1. I have installed activeperl from perl.com but still have some problems running the staging. Could you talk me through it? What do I have to do. I have found it impossible to run it. Never got to the stage where it asks for the CDs. Is there something I am not doing? or is my version of active perl wonky?

              2. I have not got a copy of the MKS toolkit/and VC++6. Could you point me in the right direction? Here again would appreciate step by step guidance. You last posting is very helpful though

              3. You mentioned downloading make-3.79.1. Do I need to do this?

              3. The global system settings tab gave me some problems-I have seen some directions on your posting but would like some clarification.
              Look forward to hearing from you
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                Hi Dinesh
                Could you tell me what configuration you had on your Laptop to install this.
                Basically, I'd like to know actual internal hard drive size, external HDD size and RAM. Is there any possiblity to share 23GB Downloaded file into 2 sepreate drive eg.C: , D:

                Looking for your reply.

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                  For installing Applications it needs minimum of 85GB Hard Disk space which should be on a single drive. Minimum RAM I was successful is 512MB. It's advisable to have the downloaded file 23 GB on any single drive as you know the Applications is too complicated to give a try on multiple drives.

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                    hai Uday,
                    You say, latest version of the rapidwizard version, you mean the rapidwizad with the software is not enough to install 11.5.10, because i downloaded the software from http://edelivery.oracle.com, so can i proceed with this or do i need to download the latest vesion of rapidwizad from metalink, beacause i don't have the metalink account, please advice me.

                    Anthony Reddy (email: thumma_ar@yahoo.co.in)
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                      Please make sure the rapidwizard version you are having is of atleast

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                        Hi Ravi

                        Downloaded zipfile itself taking 23 GB space in system. Do i need to unzip these files into staging area before proceed with installation / or can i leave these zip files alone in staging area.

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                          I'm trying to Install 11i at my home pc and finding following error -

                          C:\DOCUME~1\COMPAQ~1\LOCALS~1\Temp>D:\oracle\visdb\9.2.0\bin\oradim.exe -NEW -SID VIS
                          DIM-00020: A service for this SID is already created. Please enter a different SID name. No action has been taken
                          O/S-Error: (OS 1073) The specified service already exists.

                          Try to restart few time and each time finding same error. Want to give you more information so that you can understand what could be the problem.

                          - Fresh Instalation on Window XP (Home)
                          - Software bought from Oralce (Demo Ver)
                          - Instead of MKSToolkit using CGIWIN
                          - Installing at d: with 150 GB space, and 1GB RAM.
                          - Staging completed and as soon it's start instalation in 2 of 5 finding error with Domain/host which I able to solve.
                          - Now I can see OracleServiceVIS is in system service list.

                          When I try to restart I'm getting above error. Could you please let me know what action should I take.

                          Can i delete this service and proceed further ?

                          What else you can suggest?

                          Please reply me in details ASAP.

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                            You need to download just the patch containing the latest version of Rapidwizard in order to Autostage the installation.


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                              I think you have tried multiple times for installation.I would suggest to give a try by going to the temp directory and delete that file.Moreover I think CYGWIN might not work for 11.5.10 unless somebody comes out with a solution.

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                                Hi Ravi

                                I've just decided to buy 120GB external Hard Disk to succeed with Oracle Apps installation based on your recommendation. But still thinking whethere it meets the required space. Because you replied that 85GB need for Applications and 23GB need for Downloaed file. I believe that 23GB you're referring downloaded Zip File and need to be unzipped before installation and it would take more than 23GB size for unzipped file. It means definitly need HDD of size more than 120GB.

                                Basically i need your advise on minimum HDD size for Apps installation.



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                                  Basically if you have like 23GB on your local drive then you can use that space otherwise you will be needing around 130GB space since you donot have the DVD's.

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                                    Few Questions :
                                    1. Don't have MKS Toolkit and VC++ where to get it
                                    2. Tried installing on Laptop with 80 gig hard drive it seems it needs
                                    more space , If I use external hard drive which is 250 GB & install
                                    full oracle on that wil it work ?
                                    3. What If I install the win xp on external hard drive & then install Oracle
                                    Is this is something that is doable installing operating system on external
                                    hard drive & then Oracle Apps on it?