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    Migrate 9.3.3 HBR to Calc Manager

      Can any one suggest me how to migrate HBR 9.3.3 to Calc Man
      I have read several forum posts and documentation but was not able to figure it out.
      I tried exporting HBR and importing them to calc man but was not able to do it.
      I get errors that there were no objects were found in the doc for importing.

      In the documentation it says that migration from 9.3.3 to is allowed but I couldnt really understand the documentation as it says to check For Calc Man option which I cant find in HBR 9.3.3

      Please advice.

      Thank you.
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          Did you perform an upgrade from previous release?

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            No - We do not have a previous release of Calc Man. We are moving from 9.3.3 to
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              Did you check this documents -



              Check this document on Oracle Support --

              How to Migrate Business Rules from System 9 to CalcManager 11.1.x [ID 1098273.1]

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                None of the documents show a direct process to export/import to of them have info about moving HBR 11.1x to calaman but the KB article has a workaround.
                I need 11.1.1x installed somewhere to try that process. i will try to install 11.1x and will you post my results.
                Thank you
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                  Before I start the process to intall 11.1X I just want to confirm this..

                  Is there no Direct upgrade/migrate process for HBR 9.3.3 to CalcMan ?
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                    Yes, there is the process for upgrade from 9.3.3 - you should read the upgrade documentation for release:
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                      I have read the documents already and I was not able to figure out a straight forward process to go from 9.3.3 HBR to Calc Man
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                        Sree Menon-Oracle
                        The upgrade only talks about So my bet would be to upgrade 9.3.3 to or and to
                        But make sure that your environment has the latest calc manager and planning patches applied.
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                          You need to perform the following steps. The steps are simple.

                          1. Export rules in HBR of 9.3.3. Rules along with dependents,complete repository should be exported.
                          2. In your, create the following folder structure EPMData/planning under Oracle/Middleware
                          3. Rename the XML you exported in HBR 9.3.3. to HBRRules.xml
                          4. Navigate to calc manager, expand planning node to see the application. (You see the application only if it has been upgraded)
                          5. Right click on the application and prefer migrate. The rules should get into calc manager.
                          6. Deploy the rules to Planning.
                          7. In Oracle/Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem1/Planning/planning1 folder, there is a security migration utility. HBRMigrateSecurity.sh/cmd. Run the utility with appropriate parameters.

                          The following things need to be taken care:
                          1. In 9.3.3 HBR make sure that the locations is absolute location. All location would not work.
                          2. Make sure that your HSS has been upgraded to If it has not been upgraded, and if you have manually created users and groups in, then security would not be migrated.

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                            Thank you for the reply Krishnan.

                            I tried as per your suggestions with some exceptions. I still get the same error.
                            1)I exported one rule with dependents and names it HBRRules.xml. I am not sure what you meant by "Complete repository"
                            2)I created EPMData on my windows machine where I have Shareservices,planning etc. Essbase is on a UNIX machine.
                            4)I see the app under Planning node in Calc manager
                            5)When I click Migrate it says pick a cube to migrate?? I want to import and not migrate anything from So i selected import. It failed with the same error that there is nothing in the xml file to import.

                            I made sure that 9.3.3 rule that I exported has absolute locations and not all locations.
                            Still no luck.
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                              Thank you Sree for you reply. I cannot upgrade the 9.3.3 to anything as it is a production instance. We are moving to different servers and will swap out after everything is confirmed that it is working.
                              So I was looking for migration process. It looks like there is no direct process to migrate 9.3.3 to

                              I read a KB article to migrate 9.3.3 to - I can try that but it is very tough to install and configure just for rules migrations. So I wanted to be absolutely sure before I start install. Or may be I will just create all rules in calc manager (copy/paste).

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                                Why are you trying to import in calc manager? Your export is in HBR format and calc manager expects import XML in Calc Manager format. You just provide the default plantype in the migrate dialog and prefer migrate. It should bring in the rules.

                                Do not try to import the XML. Its in HBR XML format.

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                                  You should be able to bring in rules from 9.3.3 to

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                                    Sree Menon-Oracle
                                    If your issue is not resolved, please raise an SR and we can get on a call to resolve this.
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