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    assigning value to text_item

      db and dev 10g rel2 , xp sp3
      hi all,
      i've a tree with nodes , more than text_item one down one , the user double clicks a test node to be assigned to
      the first null text_item . that part works well ,but i want to put more text_items beside the existed to display the
      price of each test has been double clicked and assigned to the list of the text_Items i've mentioned at the beginning .

      i do not know if i should put more than one text_item , or only one but with a lot of records ? and i do not know
      how to program it ?

      and there is another thing i want to do , ( a text_item displays the aggregation of the tests he chooses after each choise) , which means ,
      when he double clicks the first test ,then the text-item(ti) holds the price "20" for instance , then he chooses the second test which costs "30" , after 30 is displayed , i want the aggregate item displays "50" , and if he chooses another test which costs 40 , then the aggregate item displays "90" .??

      thanks in advance

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