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        please do not give your oracle testing ID on the forum!
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          SNR93636 wrote:

          I am RABINARAYAN .....
          *My Oracle Testing ID: XXXXXXXXXXX.

          Right now I am using Classic ASP, ASP.Net and Oracle 10g with which I am designing table and mostly SQL codes for fetching data and generate reports in excel sheet, creating database users, etc.

          and I wish to do Oracle DBA Certification.

          Please guide me._

          I have given the first 1Z0-007 Introduction to Oracle 9i: SQL exam and I am successfully passed it.

          1. If I opt for Database track, Can I switch to Developer track in future and
          2. If I opt for Developer track, Can I switch to Database track in future.
          If you are asking about (WDP) training rather than certification exams or certifcations you need to contact the training organisation:
          - https://workforce.oracle.com/pls/wdp/new_home.main
          - https://workforce.oracle.com/pls/wdp/rd_psp_contact

          In terms of exams/certifcations you can switch beteen or do both.

          If it is possible, please specify the certification paper codes for the both track.
          Browse and study http://certification.oracle.com

          Remember to clearly identify the difference between training, exams and certifcations.
          Also be aware a DBA OCP requires mandatory training as a pre-requesite.

          Thanks in advance.+
          Also as Roger said please remove your Oracle Testing Id from your post, you signed an agreement not to disclose it when you took your exam, and of course you have just exposed it to the whole internet.

          Also generally better to open your own thread.
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            Thanks for the info...

            I removed the ID from forum.
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