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    what might cause 3 level tree to fail?


      there are VO1,VO2,VO3.Each one has id and name fields.
      i try to build a 3-level tree: VO1 is parent to VO2 which is parent to VO3
      it's supposed to be a tree containing all elements of VO1 on the upper level, each leaf of which should contain all elements of VO2 etc
      in order to ensure cartesian join i created a column lvl1 with value 1, and lvl2 with value 2.
      then i created 2 view links between each pair: VO1 and VO2 are linked by lvl1, VO2 and VO3 are linked by lvl2.
      any 2 level trees are showing ok in all combinations (between VO1/VO2, VO2/VO3)
      but when i define 3 levels in tree level binding , application fails with error: (tree is kept in a region)

      <UIXRegion> <_warn> Error handling viewId: /QueueAction URI: /QueueAction.jspx actual-URI: /setup.jsff.
      java.lang.IllegalStateException: ADFv: Not inside container.

      i follow http://andrejusb.blogspot.ru/2011/12/tuning-adf-tree-retain-view-link.html