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    Client is hanged and EDT is in runnable state for WInputMethodDescriptor


      Issue: Client is hanged not responding to user inputs.

      When I checked the thread I have noticed two things here
      1. EDT thread is in runnable state for WInputMethodDescriptor.getNativeAvailableLocales.
      2. SIGTERM handler thread is shown in the thread stack and it is in waiting state.

      Thread stacke for EDT:

      "AWT-EventQueue-0" prio-6 .....
      java.lang.Thread.State Runnable
      at sun.awt.windows.WInputMethodDescriptor.getNativeAvailableLocales(NativeMethod)
      at sun.awt.windows.WInputMethodDescriptor.getAvailableLocalesInternal()
      at sun.awt.windows.WInputMethod.setLocale()
      at sun.awt.windows.WInputMethod.activate()
      at sun.awt.im.InputContext.activateInputMethod()
      at sun.awt.im.InputContext.focusGained()
      -locked <...> (at sun.awt.im.InputMethodContext)
      -locked <...> (at java.awt.Component$AWTreeLock)
      at sun.awt.im.InputContext.dispatchEvent()
      at java.awt.KeyBoardFocusManager.redispatchEvent()

      Can any one help me in what possible cases this can happen?