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    Uses for W_INT_ORG_DH

      I understand that this table flattens out the DIVN organization from Siebel.

      The focus on my project with work the W_ASSET_F for creating reports and the have 2 basic requirements:

      a) To filter or prompt by Lvl1, Lvl2, Lv3, Lv4 which are Divisions levels for Siebel and flattened in W_INT_ORG_DH ?
      - I really don't see with the standard OBI Apps model how to do that....? I guess the DIVN are connect with the S_POSTN...
      Maybe if the fields Lvl1, Lvl2, Lvl3, etc where part of W_ASSET_D somehow...
      Any Hints ?

      b) To have a Hierarchy dimension that would break down on the several levels of DIVN estructure... I have a feeling that this is already into the model or could be build very easy.

      Any commnts?