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    to get trend variation in BI

      I have some data for each month.say no of transactions for each month.When users selects any two months(from month,to_month) ..trend analysis to be shown with respect to from_month.i.e if from month is march2012 and to month is june 2012 then variation sud be as

      month variation
      march -
      april (data for april-data for march)/data for march *100
      may (data for may-data for march)/data for march *100
      june (data for june-data for march)/data for march *100

      is there any way to do so in pivot table.

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          You can create online pivot grids using Peopletools.
          I believe from Peopletools 8.46, you could create Analytic Calculation Engines.
          From Peopletools 8.52 you can create more user friendly online Pivot Grids, using PSQuery as source and all declaration can be done online, no developer needed.

          These are OOTB features that come with Peopletools or do you other BI tools?


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            No ,I have to do with oracle BI only
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              As you may known, Oracle has acquired about half the world in de past couple of years, so Oracle BI consists now a days of dozens of different tools and applications, which one do you mean?

              Maybe you should also ask your question in a BI section of this forum, this section is for questions on Peoplesoft. You might get more satisfying answers in the BI forums.