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    TimesTen data modeling tool


      What's the best way (or the best tool) to model TimesTen database? Is there any SQL Data Modeler plugin for TT or something similar?

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          Gennady Sigalaev
          Hi Nikola,

          You can use SQL Data Modeler for modeling TimesTen Database (import tables and etc.).
          You should add a Third Party JDBC Driver (TimesTen driver) in Data Modeler, after that write the correct JDBC url to your TimesTen DSN and specify the driver class.

          I tried it today with Data modeler (datamodeler-, and it works fine.

          Best regards,
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            Hi Gennady,

            Thank you for quick answer. I do understand that I can use it to model TT database, but there are some stuff that TT doesn't suppot (user defined types etc..), but available in data modeler. I thought that there might be some version of SQL data modeler adjusted specifically for TT or something like that.

            I'm beginer in TimesTen so there are planty of stuff that still confuse me. ;)