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    Oracle Forms 4.5


      One of our application uses 4.5 version oracle forms which are character based and has to be compiled and run in open VMS platform after designing via forms builder 4.5.

      I have a Developer 2000 software which installs forms and reports builder but the version it shows is 5.0. When I build a form and compile the designed fmb file in VMS using f45gen command, it says FRM-10043: Cannot open file. May be it’s a version problem?

      Doubt what I have here is

      1. Is the form builder 5.0 is compatible for 4.5 version also. If yes do I need to set any parameter in builder to build in 4.5 version

      2. Or separate 4.5 version builder is available other than Developer 2000?

      3. Where I can get this 4.5 version software as it is not available in Oracle site.