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    Upgrde from Linux 32 Bit to Linux 64 bit

      I know I've seen some posts on this, but nothing exactly what I am looking for. For the most part what I have found is good. I need to do the following:
      (1) Move my 10gR2 database from 32-bit Linux to 11gR2 64-Bit Linux (using an RMAN backup from 10gR2 restored on the 64-bit machine) then
      (2) Bring up the database on 64-bit hardware and then upgrade to (64-Bit) [Without installing the 64-Bit software]

      Haven't tried restoring to from a RMAN backup. I was trying not to have to install the Oracle software for 64-bit on the 64-bit machine. Was hoping to go directly to (64-bit). Any assistance greatly appreciated.