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    Transmission Protocol T=CL (or) T=RF . How to implement?

      Hello Team,

      I need your help for the below Java Card Communication. I have implemented the Transmission protocol "T=0" and "T=1" but I am not able to implement "T=CL".

      Could someone help me in giving steps for me to proceed how to use "T=CL"

      Can you give me steps and some sample code? Thanks.

                CardTerminals terminalList;
                TerminalFactory factory = TerminalFactory.getDefault();
                terminalList = factory.terminals();
                /* Choose a reader knowing its name */
                CardTerminal MyReader = terminalList.getTerminal("Dell Smart Card Reader Keyboard 0");
                /* Connect to the card currently in the reader */
                Card card=null;
                try {
                     card = MyReader.connect("T=CL");
                /* Exchange APDUs with the card */
                CardChannel channel = card.getBasicChannel();
                byte[] ApduArray = {(byte) 0xFF,(byte) 0xCA,(byte) 0x00,(byte) 0x00,(byte) 0x00};
                CommandAPDU getData = new CommandAPDU(ApduArray);
                ResponseAPDU CardApduResponse = channel.transmit(getData);
                /* Disconnect */
                .println("Response: " + Integer.toHexString(CardApduResponse.getSW())); //$NON-NLS-1$
                } catch (CardException e1) {
                     // TODO Auto-generated catch block


      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Unsupported protocol T=CL
           at sun.security.smartcardio.CardImpl.<init>(CardImpl.java:63)
           at sun.security.smartcardio.TerminalImpl.connect(TerminalImpl.java:61)
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          T=CL is NOT a protocol. Just show me the specification for this protocol. You can't, because it does not exist.

          See Here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3ASmart_card#Contactless_protocol_-not.22T.3DCL.22

          Only T=0 and T=1 are card protocols

          Moreover, most contactless readers use APDU level of exchange so you don't have to do anything special here.

          Just use T=* or T=0 or T=1, it does NOT change anything for contactless cards.