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    how to apply the filter condition based on other column


      i have one requirement.

      i am giving the example below.my 2 columns data like below

      Column1 Column2
      A 1
      B 2
      C 3
      D 4
      E 5
      F 6
      G 7
      H 8

      i want to give Column1 as a dashboard prompt and users will enter A,B,...(what are all in the column1).

      what i want is, in the dashboard prompt i want less that value passes in the dashboard prompt.

      Ex: if i enter the D in the dashboard prompt, i want to display less that corresponding value to the D in the column 2.

      in this case it should return, A,B,C from column A.

      PLease suggest me how can i achieve this.

      Thanks in adv.

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