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    Exporting Problem

      Hi experts,

      i'm working on sql developer my table contains 40 columns and contains around 4 to 5 lakhs records........

      when i'm trying to export the results into excel or text file my sql developer is getting hanged...
      if the result is less than 2lakh record its copying....

      and i tried like this also
      set head off
      spool c:\myoracle.txt
      select txt_namer||'~'||txt_policy||'~'||......upto 40 colums
       from Table_Name where rownum<200000;
      spool off
      set head on
      Kindly suggest me.....

      Thanks and regards
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          Usually this happens when you're attempting to export a large amount of data to Excel. The component we're using doesn't let go of memory as it's read in and written out to the file being created. You can work around this limitation by giving more memory to the jvm. Find this line in your sqldeveloper.conf file

          AddVMOption -XX:MaxPermSize=256M

          And bump the 256M up to like 1024M. Save the file, restart SQL Developer and try the export again.


          Use the CSV file format. It doesn't suffer the memory management issue.

          We're looking to address the XLS performance problem directly in a future release.
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