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    Function keys Triggers

    Moazam Shareef

      Kindly correct me the function keys associated with triggers in oracle forms 6i.
      F1= (Display properties of an Item ID)
      F2= ?
      F4= ?
      F5= (KEY-MENU)
      F6= ?
      F7= (KEY-ENTQRY)
      F8= (KEY-EXEQRY)
      F9= ?
      F0= (KEY COMMIT)

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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          The easist way to determine what key is attached to what action would be to run any form that uses the Formsd default menu. Then click on Help > Keys. This will show you what action each key will perform. If you do not see a particular key listed, you can assume it is not setup to perform any Forms specific action.

          Note that these actions and key relationships can be changed in whichever resource file your application is configured to use. Which one is used by default will depend on a variety of factors. For example, exactly which Forms version are you using, on what platform is it running, and is the application web deployed or not.

          By the way, Forms 6i is very old and mostly considered obsolete. Be sure to take a look at the latest versions of Forms, which is now part of Fusion Middleware.

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            I think this is help you..

            Ctrl+E          Edit
            Ctrl+F1          Show Keys
            Ctrl+H          Help
            Ctrl+L          Down
            Ctrl+P          Up
            Ctrl+PageDown          Next Block
            Ctrl+PageUp          Previous Block
            Ctrl+Q          Exit
            Down          Down
            F10          Commit
            F2          List Tab Pages
            F3          Duplicate Item
            F4          Duplicate Record
            F5          Block Menu
            F6          Insert Record
            F7          Enter Query
            F8          Execute Query
            F9          List of Values
            PageDown          Scroll Down
            PageUp          Scroll Up
            Shift+Ctrl+PageD          Next Set of Records
            Shift+Down          Next Record
            Shift+F1          Display Error
            Shift+F2          Count Query
            Shift+F3          Next Primary Key
            Shift+F4          Clear Record
            Shift+F5          Clear Block
            Shift+F6          Delete Record
            Shift+F7          Clear Form
            Shift+F8          Print
            Shift+Tab          Previous Field
            Shift+Up          Previous Record
            Tab          Next Field
            Up          Up