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    How to add an OIM user to a OID group using Java code

      Hi All,

      I want to add an OIM user who is LDAP Synced to a OID group using a scheduled job. Can someone please point me to the APIs to be used for achieving this. I tried using the com.thortech.xl.integration.OID.tcUtilOIDUserOperations(ServerAddress, Port, RootContext, AdminID, AdminPwd, Lookup, GetAttributeMapping, UseSSL, DBReference) constructor for an object of this class and then calling the addUserToGroup(GroupDN, OrganizationDN, orclguid) method of this class. But I get an error on the constructor step since I am not sure what to pass in place of DBReference or how to get it. I searched for this but couldnt get any concrete resolution anywhere. Please guide me.

      Thanks a lot in advance,