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    OIM11g Code for getting resource object name

      Hi Experts,
      I want to fetch all the resource objects names assigned to a particular user. I am using following 10g code:
      tcUserOperationsIntf moUserUtility1 = (tcUserOperationsIntf) getUtility("Thor.API.Operations.tcUserOperationsIntf");
      Hashtable mhSearchCriteria = new Hashtable();
      mhSearchCriteria.put("Users.User ID", "*");
      mhSearchCriteria.put("Users.Status", "Active"); // Searching for all
      tcResultSet moResultSet = moUserUtility1.findUsers(mhSearchCriteria);
      Long usr_key = moResultSet.getLongValue("Users.Key");
      tcResultSet rs = moUserUtility1.getObjects(usr_key);
      String objName= rs.getStringValue("Objects.Name")
      Could you please help me getting the OIM11g API's and code for the above 10 code?? Any ref will be helpful..