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    Advanced batching in Oracle b2b 11g

      Hello Guru,

      Could you please help me out regarding advanced batching in Oracle b2b 11g, .. as mentioned in the guide , i have created batching like

      Administration-->Batch and created batch and Scheduled Batch as below. (Batch name : TEST_ED_850_BATCH     )

      TEST_ED_850_BATCH     Enabled     Initiate event at, every minute starting at 00:00 AM and ending at 23:59 PM, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, every month, 201

      then i have posted 8 messages from A machine (With batching) to Machine "B" over AS2 channel ,

      then i can see all are completed in Machine A and getting only one ACK from Machine B for 8 messages. and also in Machine "B"..i can see only one message with one ACK.

      I am not sure , i am missing something here and do i need to change anything configuration, B2B tables, please suggest how to implement batching and advanced batching in 11g b2b.

      I need to send bulk messages in a batch as a single message.