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    ACTIVE/PASSIVE for Multiple Instances

      Hi everyone,

      We have a dev environment and we are facing a financial crisis and we had to cut down the cost on licenses and had to bring most of the instances to a single box.

      Now we are fastly running out of options on the box which contains the multiple instance and wanted to go for HA but realised it would again lead us to the same point above.

      Then one of my friend lead me to this post
      Active / Passive installation for oracle 11gR2

      and I was wondering if anyone had established a ACTIVE/PASSIVE for multiple instances??

      Also, It doesn't make sense to me that somewhere people implemented a ACTIVE/ACTIVE just by using oracle Clusterware. Have any one of you achieved doing this??

      Also my environment is Windows, 11gr2.

      Any suggestions are most welcome and I am really new to this forums. So, kindly bear with me.