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    Vbox on Oracle linux

      Hi all of you,
      I have recently bought a Lenovo b580 laptop (with i3210m processor and 4Gb RAM - it will be soon upgraded to 8Gb RAM) and it seems is overheating . This is happening with a Linux Mint 32 bit with little or low workload. I have installed lm_sensors and I get a temperature between 47-53 celsius degrees .
      What do you think about this temperture(it is the right one?or is too high)?
      My plan is to install Oracle Linux and Oracle VBox on this OS. On this virtualisation tool I would install a VM from Oracle , from this
      [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi-foundation/obiee-samples-167534.html|http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi-foundation/obiee-samples-167534.html] (V207)
      What do yuo think about this configuration - taking account the actual levels of temperature?
      Many thanks,
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          (1) Your post has been moved, for the moment, from the Oracle Linux forum to the Generic Linux forum. YOU AREN'T USING ORACLE LINUX.
          (2) Virtualbox has their own web site and forums. All Virualbox questions are outside the scope of these OTN forums.
          (3) What you have presented so far seems to suggest you need to find a Linux Mint forum. That's the OS that is running when you experience hardware problems. Alternatively, go find a Lenovo forum for your hardware inquiries.
          (4) Lastly, any and all inquiries related to OBIE need to go into an OBIE forum.

          The O.P. has posted their question to a Lenovo forum:
          ... conveniently forgetting to mention in that other post that Virtualbox will be in their configuration

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            Heat and power management needs to be handled by the computer's (host) operating system. VirtualBox or any other type 2 Hypervisor for that matter are simply applications, which can keep a computer busy, but should not lead to overheating issues.

            The solution was to find a Linux Mint forum and discuss the heat issues in regard to machine specific support. However, what information exists that overheating is indeed a problem?

            The temperature readings outlined are not alarming. Laptops generally tend to run hotter than Desktop computers and are typically more resilient to heat, in particular CPU and Video GPU. Temperatures below 90 degree C are usually nothing to worry about and even short spikes up to 100 C can be normal. Temperature limits can be found on the Internet, looking up the appropriate chip specifications.

            For instance: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Intel-Core-i5-3210M-Notebook-Processor.74458.0.html
            Maximum operating temperature for i3210m is 105 degree Celsius. Once you reach that, the CPU will pull the plug to prevent hardware damage.
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              Thanks for your answer Dude ,
              To respond to your question , there is no problem , yet . But I feel the heat , the laptop is heating at low loading but with OEL , virtualbox and OBIEE 11G? But maybe this is a false alarm and everthing it would be ok.
              I wonder why rukbat state "YOU AREN'T USING ORACLE LINUX" . This is true , at workplace I work on windows 7 but at home I would install Oracle Enterprise Linux to run a virtual machine with OBIEE 11g (SampleApp V207 VirtualBox Image) . May I do this?
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                I wonder why rukbat state "YOU AREN'T USING ORACLE LINUX"
                You initially posted this inquiry to the Oracle Linux forum, yet your sentences did not state that you had Oracle Linux installed but that you specifically had Linux Mint installed (somewhere). You weren't experiencing the heat issue while using Oracle Linux as the OS. Thus the post wasn't appropriate for that forum. Oracle Linux could not in any way be the source of an overheat because it wasn't part of your configuration

                That is why your forum post was moved to the Generic Linux forum.

                Then your post to that other forum web site made no mention of Linux at all, yet you still had a heat "issue".

                These OTN forums are technical forums and you need to be specific as to what you ask and where you place any inquiry.

                My suspicion is that you just happen to have a laptop that has a design that runs hot and it's simply a less than perfect hardware design. Nothing more and nothing less.