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    User login issues


      We have just one production user who has issues logging into OBIEE dashboard page. We are not able to impersonate this user in production environment but was able to impersonate in test environment. A folder for this user is not created under \root\users. Can someone please help me resolve this issue?

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          What kind of environment? Why impersonate? What are the issues you're facing? What do the logs say? What version of OBIEE?

          Please answer these questions and you'd get a better response.

          Please assign points if helpful.
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            It's OBIEE When we were troubleshooting the issue, we just tried to impersonate the user, but we could not even do it, just to rule out few things but we could impersonate the same user in a test environment. There is not much in logs too.
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              There has to be something different between the 2 environments, otherwise you wouldn't be facing this issue. The logs should generally tell you why a user cannot login, if there's nothing in the logs then there's something wrong with the way you have configured authentication. How has the user been created? Are you using any LDAP server for authentication at all?