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    Very Basic:  Can I install OEM 12c in a 'Database Control' style?


      Oracle EE on Solaris 5.10 u10

      No experience with OEM, yet ...

      I would like to set up OEM 12c for one (1) Test database but want to make the installation as easy as possible and without as much of the 'Cloud' control 'stuff' for managing several databases. Kind of like the 11g Database Control versus Grid Control.

      We're in the planning stages of setting up a 'real' OEM 12c environment but I wanted to get a jump on things using this small test database.

      I've been reading the Basic and Advanced Installation manuals but haven't seen anything about a leaner/smaller installation type.

      Oh yes, I need to use the 'silent' install method as we did for the databases.

      Pointers to other docs I'm missing are appreciated.

      Any suggestions are most welcome.

      Thanks very much.