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    Hide/Show Two Select List according to Radio Button

      Dear Friends,

      I am using Apex 3.2ver.

      i want to display two select lidt item conditionaly without refresh according to radio button values.

      i have one radio button iTEM P5_SELECT with three option

      1 None ------ N
      2 Template ------ T
      3 Copy Template --------I

      i have two select list

      1. P5_Template
      2. P5_Copy Template

      when i select Template option in radio button then select list item P5_Template is display.
      when i select Copy Template option in radio button then select list item P5_Copy Template is display.
      But here problem is defaut radio button value is None so both select list item are display when option is None.
      i want tohide both select list when radio button option is None.

      when i select None value from radio button then both select list item should not be display.

      so i have used
      function Show_On_Radio_Value_2(pThis, pThat, pValue, pLabel){
         var rv = html_RadioValue(pThis);
         var elm = document.getElementById(pThat);
         var lbl = document.getElementById(pLabel);
         if (rv == pValue) {
             } else {
           html_HideElement(pLabel); }
      <label for="#CURRENT_ITEM_NAME#" id="L_#CURRENT_ITEM_NAME#" ><span class="t130OptionalLabel">
      How can i hide when option is None in radio button.


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