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    Questions re: Various %Breakdown Sections in GSM

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      1. Are there any Oracle documents that describes the interrelationship between the %Breakdown sections on Material, Formulation - Output Materials, and Trade
      2. Our user wants to pull raw material %Breakdowns into Formulas, push the rolled up %Breakdown to an Output Material, then have that all pulled into the Trade. I cannot find information on how this is done or even calculated between the %Breakdown fields from Spec Type to Spec Type. I am secretly hoping there is a magic button that I just don't know where it is located.

      Specific Questions:
      1. How are Material %Breakdowns rolled up through the Formula Spec -> Then Rolled out to the Output Material?
      2. How are Output Material %Breakdowns rolled up to the Trade %Breakdown?
      3. Can the Output Materials %Breakdown roll up to the Trade %Breakdown and include additional materials?
      3A. If yes, how is this done?
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          Here's a quick overview. Let me know if you have any further questions.

          Materials > Formulation > Trade Relationship
          All material specifications should have a regulatory breakdown defined. This is a breakdown that contains at least one component catalog item and the regulatory tag.

          When these materials are used in a formulation spec in design mode, the formulation spec will roll up the breakdown based on the regulatory breakdowns on the raw materials. This "theoretical breakdown" will be pushed to the output material specification.

          The output material specification should be associated to the trade specification. The breakdown is not pushed to the trade. This information is meant to be stored on the output material specification only.

          LIO is executed from the output material. LIO will then use this breakdown to create an ingredient statement. This ingredient statement is pushed to the trade specification's nutrient profile.

          Breakdown Control On Trade
          Certain types of trades allow for a breakdown to be defined on itself. These trade types are used to represent private label and co-packing situations. In these situations a formulation specification is not used, the formula is merely represented by a breakdown.
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            Thanks Kelly. I found your answer very informative and easy to follow. Appreciate the time that you took to write back.