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    To run the ODI scenario from command line

      Hi Friends ,

      1.How to run the ODI Scenario from the command line ?

      Ok I got some information from forumns- I need to go to
      \OraHome_1\oracledi\bin\ in command prompt then i need to use the below command sysnatx
      startcmd.sh OdiStartScen -SCEN_NAME=scn_load_data -SCEN_VERSION=001 -CONTEXT=GLOBAL -AGENT_CODE=odiSchedAgent001

      But in my machine I dont have that path \OraHome_1\oracledi\bin\

      I have like this
      C:\oracle\product\11.1.1\Oracle_ODI_2\oracledi -In Oracledi folder i don't have bin etc folders .

      I have client and xml-reference folders are there.

      So now where i need to go and what to do?
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